Computer Repair

thumb thumb Experiencing the Blue Screen of Death (for Windows) or the Spinning Wheel of Death? (for MACs)?

Individuals faint of heart need not worry and should let the DCTS professionals handle it.

Aside from OS problems, we also handle a wide array of other issues.

  • Network Trouble Shooting and Repair
  • Networking Installation - Wireless / LAN
  • Standard Security & Performance (Security Software & Installation)
  • Computer Optimization
  • Advanced Diagnostic With Repair - Diagnostic, cleaning, virus/spyware removal, OS repair, driver updates, software upgrades
  • Data Backup / Transfer (External HD, Direct HD, CD/DVD/ Networked Server)
  • Automated Data Backup (Internal, External HDD, NAS, Tape)
  • Computer Set-Up
  • Hardware Installation Service
  • Software Installation Service
  • Operating System Installation
  • Image Backups
  • and much much more...just call us! =D

When You Need It & How You Need It


Sometimes the item you need help on is just too bulky to remove from its location or perhaps you simply need an extra pair of helping hands to get things working. DCTS' staff can set up, repair and/or optimize any piece of technology in your home quickly and efficiently.

Feel free to visit us! We are in your local Duarte neighborhood. A map to DCTS could be found here.

Taking advantage of high-speed broadband, DCTS could easily remotely fix your computer through the internet while you are at home or anywhere (as long as you have internet). We could fix, update, network or transfer files remotely! How cool is that?
By Phone

Call us during our business hours 9AM-5PM. DCTS can schedule appointments and answer any concerns that you may have about our services.

(714) 842-2600

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Broken Computers = Bad

Here at DCTS, we know how pestering it is to have a malfunctioning computer. It not only hinders your personal or company's performance, it dampens your spirit, thus jeopardizing productivity.

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Do not limit us to only surgery-type operations; we also do simple services like syncing your PDA or hooking up your iPod! To know more of what we can do for you, we are just a phone call away.

MAC vs. PC

Can't we all just get along?